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Max Payne3

Almost ten years after his last misadventure, Max Payne returns with its new adventurer game Max Payne 3. More than ever in the hole, the more depressed cop creation will attempt to bounce back in Brazil, where his talents as an acrobat at gunpoint does not go unnoticed. The opportunity also for the license to raise, with its takeover by Rockstar and the desire to break up a series of codes entrenched in the 2000s … without disavowing the legacy of a hero not quite like any other.

Already shown a few times to the press, Max Payne 3 Game has been presented in a much more concrete earlier this week: we have indeed been fortunate this time of pick up and play over 90 minutes on the Xbox 360 of title. Two levels were scheduled: one at a stadium in São Paulo, the other in the docks of the Brazilian city.

Max Payne 3

The wrong day to stop the glue

Originally, Max’s stay in Brazil promised to be manly, but correct: in New York contacted by a former colleague, Raul Passos, our hero is offered a job as bodyguard to the family of Rodrigo Branco , a wealthy industrialist. Prim, he finds a good excuse to get away from Big Apple and his drinking problems, which have dug little traits. Soon, however, things will go wrong: Fabiana, Rodrigo’s wife, is kidnapped by a gang. Appointment is made in a stadium for the exchange of ransom paid by the backward industrial and delivered by Max Payne and Passos.

These analgesics, as Max levels found in a little research, can be stored and used at any time to relieve the pain of our hero. No way in Play Max Payne 3 to run behind a wall right in exchange of gunfire and quietly wait for that life back, as is the case in almost all action games today; The game features a faux-bar to the old life and will require painkiller manually activate each, to avoid dying prematurely, and skilfully manage its inventory, to avoid being naked for the next gunfight. In short, we have to find his old habits.

A problem of slow

And this is not the only element that Max Payne 3 directly imports the first episodes: there are of course in this new component the bullet time , the hallmark of the series, and the many waterfalls that are associated. A dash, Max can slow time around him and adjust “quietly” the enemies who fall on the saddle. With triggers, you can combine this talent with a jump to the side, forward or backward, (Max Payne 3 Trailer) and thus surprise an opponent, hiding behind a railing or simply put on a show. Best of all, our man will remain lying on the floor until he orders otherwise, and it will be possible to continue to strafe, on his stomach, waiting for an opportune time to recover. Download Max Payne 3 or purchase Max Payne 3 game

Between tradition and modernity

It was understood, Max Payne 3 includes many elements of its predecessors, giving it an undeniable old school side. But Rockstar seems to have clearly intended to anchor in modernity, in particular by giving Max the opportunity to use blankets – as he does almost all of the heroes of current GST, to be honest. In case of fatal shooting, if he has a painkiller, it will also have a few seconds to shoot his “murderer” and fix him, in which case a painkiller is consumed and Max wakes up, brave … but still lying among his enemies, generally. An option a little gadget, but quite nice

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